Megève Baroque

A charming village and winter sports center, Megève became a hot spot in the 50’s and 60’s for the French and European upper classes, both daytime for skiing and nighttime for its glamorous parties. Renamed the “XXI arrondissement of Paris” by J. Cocteau, Megève was the meeting point for artists and famous characters in history. Today, the village still enjoys a golden image with its 445km of slopes, its unforgettable view of Mont-Blanc, its proximity to several ski centers in France, Switzerland and Italy and its quality of life for those who know how to take advantage of its generosity.

In addition to enjoy the energy of the village and a unique skiing, two mornings are dedicated to a cultural tour, accompanied by an historian, to discover the Baroque treasures of the area. The Baroque style comes from a comprehensive reform of the Catholic Church at the end of the Middle-Age (1545), which reaffirmed the importance of religious imagery, a process in which Savoy actively participated. Today you can still enjoy this renovation work.


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